Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yummy Food Recap - Vol. IV

It's time for my weekly re-hash of all the food I've eaten in the past 7 days.  Today you get a treat!  I am late again posting this blog so I will include the 3 extra days of food that it took before I had time to write this.

I think that this week was a bit more diverse than the last two weeks, or at least I felt like it. 

Before I start, the results from this weeks poll were pretty lame, only 4 votes and it was a 50-50 split between eating BBQ 1-2 times and 3-4 times per week.  I guess I need to work on more interesting polls!

Executive Summary of this past week's menu:

Tuesday (June 29th) - Steak and Fries
Wednesday - Pizza
Thursday - Grilled Chicken Burgers
Friday - Pan Fried Cod & Veggies
Saturday - Steak Kebabs
Sunday - Pasta
Monday - Beef Wellington

And here are the extras because I was late writing this entry:

Tuesday (July 6th) - Mushroom Goulash & Perogies
Wednesday - Salmon Cakes & Salad
Thursday - Sweet Chili Chicken Stirfry

Let's dive in!..

We really enjoyed the steak and fries on Tuesday.  I make the fries in a pan, the way mom does it for my father with his steaks.  Take a looksie below:

We took a bit of vacation time last week and we had 3 days off starting on Wednesday.  We had lunch at the Village Mall: I enjoyed a cup of New York Fries while Josh chowed down on a Big Mary.  We even brought a surprise sub to my mom for her lunch :)  She doesn't eat out much so having Subway was a big treat for her.  For supper we didn't want to have a lot of dishes to clean up because we were leaving for Gander the next morning.  Pizza is great for dishes because you really only need your hands once it is cooked and the only thing that gets messy is the pan, which wasn't messy at all - sweet!

On our way to Gander we decided that we were going to start our holiday by eating chocolate bars, chips and candy on the drive.  What makes this blog entry special is that it has a lot of Gander meals that Josh's mom and dad were awesome enough to cook for us :)  Supper was grilled chicken breasts that were marinated in Caesar salad dressing and then brushed with BBQ sauce, served as a chicken burger.  Sheila also made some really yummy pasta salad and another green salad (broccoli, mayo-ish dressing, bacon bits, lettuce and cauliflower).  For our after-supper coffee we also had an amazing rhubarb-strawberry cake thing that Sheila made from the few stalks that grow on the side of her house.  It went awesome with the coffee and was a great way to relax after driving all day. 

On our first full day in Gander we had a really nice breakfast (the standard fare of eggs, toast, bacon & hashbrowns).  For lunch I had some leftover chicken in a sandwich and Josh had a seafood salad sandwich.  We all wanted something a bit lighter for supper so Sheila made some pan fried cod with veg and potato.  The idea of having a "light" supper kind of died off quickly though when Josh and I decided we wanted to get Louis Gee's for a "second supper".  A Devil's Slab each later and we were dying to fall asleep!

We traveled the loop on Saturday with Boyce and Sheila, and ate at a place called Barbour's.  I should give them a break, but I was really grossed out when I ordered my burger:  they microwaved the (obviously) frozen bun to the point that it was hard as a rock on one side.  The burger I ordered was good besides that.  When we got home the Abbott's made some bacon-wrapped striploin and veggie kebabs with brown rice.  Every night we were in Gander the weather was amazing and warm and many drinks and hot-dogs were consumed during our visit:

That was our last supper in Gander: THANKS SHEILA AND BOYCE!!!!  Also thank you to both the Abbott's and the Mouland's for re-stocking our wine collection while we were back :D

On the drive home we decided to eat at the Clarenville Inn at Bacalao. I had a Chicken Caesar salad and Josh had the Bacalao of du Jour: some kind of Mexican salt cod dish.  Josh then had to twist my arm into getting desert: mocha espresso rum coconut souffle:

That night we had a creamy pasta thing with chicken, carrots, portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and alfredo sauce on linguine:

Monday we were understandably exhausted from the long weekend in Gander and all of the driving, and we made a poor decision to make something complex for supper: Beef Wellington.  It would have been fine if the following had been done:
  • If we had thawed the puff pastry according to directions
  • If we had used the proper cut of beef
  • If we had actually used prosciutto, or had been able to find it at Dominion or a suitable substitution
  • If we had let the meat rest before Wellington-izing it
As you can guess, it wasn't great, so there will be no picture posted :)

Monday we tried a Rachael Ray recipe called Mushroom Goulash and Perogies.  Click here for a link to the recipe.  It was amazing!  My first time having perogies...

The salad and salmon cakes yesterday were alright, but not great.

Today's stir-fry was very tasty and I was happy to bring Thai Chili sauce back into my life:

That's it for this week!  Sorry if it was more picture heavy than words, and more late than early :)

My favorite meal was a tie between the Coffee & Rhubarb Cake and the Mushroom Goulash with Perogies.

Shout outs this week go to sour cream and onion chips, diet dr. pepper, Koala Kupz sour candy cup, and Dean & Carol Ann Mouland's wine.


Sara Jean said...

I love all the photos ash.
I find, and it may just be me, but blogs with lots of pretty, and in your case tasty photos are more visually appealing. Sometimes i red blogs just for the photos, lol.