Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yummy Food Recap - Vol. III

I was a bit busy on Monday and Tuesday, so this post is coming out two days late this week. 

Let's see... I've been eating terrible food lately so it's almost embarrassing to write about it.  Just remember that it's summer, and that means grilling season, so please don't judge my eating habits too much.

I'd like to start by recapping the votes to last weeks poll.  It asked how many times a week you all eat take out:

22% - Not at all
44% - 1-2 times
11% - 3-4 times
22% - 5 or more!

I originally said 1-2 times but I think I might have grabbed it twice more than that... whoops! :)

Once again, here is my "Executive Summary" of the week's suppertime meals:

Tuesday - AUCE Ribs *
Wednesday - Chicken Salad w/homemade Raspberry Vinagrette
Thursday - Souvlaki Stirfry
Friday - Hamburgers & Hot Dogs *
Saturday - Salmon en Croute
Sunday - Pork Tenderloin *
Monday - Hot Dogs *

I've come to realize that I can't ever live again without a BBQ.  The meals with a "*" are all bbq-slathered grilled meats and were amazing. 

I had been bugging Josh for weeks about how I wanted to go to Montana's for All You Can Eat Ribs.  So on Tuesday out of nowhere after work I pitched the idea and we went.  I decided that I wanted the Pork Baby Back Ribs and Josh went with the Beef Ribs.  We actually did a little research beforehand because we weren't sure about the different types, and their subtle differences (aside from coming from different animals).  Normal people just get whatever the hell they want, but when we eat out we have a rule that we can't order the same thing.  That way, we get to try out more of the menu.  It didn't really make a difference for us because we didn't really share all that much with one another - we were so happy with what we had that we didn't feel the need to try the other type very much.  When they came out with Josh's it looked like something out of the Flintstones:

Apparently when you order beef ribs, they only bring out 2 at first and I can see why.  It was a giant bone with about 10oz-12oz of meat hanging off of it, all sticky and chipotley.  Here's a candid shot of me with my huge 3/4 rack of ribs that they brought out for me first:

Not only did they come with 1 side, but they came with 2!! AUCE Ribs + 2 sides??? Madness!  The bucket you see out of the corner of the lens is the Bone Bucket.  Josh had 3 ribs in total and I had 1 and 1/4 rack.

Moving on from that, because I could actually talk about them all day, Wednesday's salad was great.  Every now and then we like to have a nice, big salad to break up the week and this time we thought we'd try out our own dressing for the first time.  I am going to buy raspberry dressing from now on if I want it.

Next up was Stirfry, ever boring, on Thursday.

We had a bit of fun on Friday when we headed over to our good friend's Krissy & Terry's house for a BBQ.  We bought some frozen Prime Rib burgers from Dominion and had those with some Monterrey Jack Jalapeno cheese - YUM!  They had all sorts of yummy BBQ snacks and hot dogs for their guests - you guys know how to throw a BBQ!   I also wore a cool hat that Josh Prince (another friend of ours) graciously let me try on:

Saturday we followed Gordon Ramsay's <3 recipe for Salmon en Croute:  Salmon wrapped up in butter puff pastry mmmm!  Between the two slabs of salmon you put whole grain dijon and a butter that you make with lemon zest and dill.  We first tried this recipe out when Josh's parents were in town and it was delicious.  It's my favourite meal to cook, especially now since I've discovered that you can buy PRE-ROLLED pastry!  Until now I've struggled trying to roll out improperly thawed bricks of pastry with an empty wine bottle, this newfangled pre-rolled stuff is killer!

It doesn't look like much, but it is amazing.

The tenderloin was good, but at this point I was starting to get a bit sick of eating whole slabs of meat.  I made some roasted sweet potato and grilled asparagus. 

Remember those Jalapeno Cheddar Sausages from my old post?  We had the last two on Monday night with two regular hot dogs:

Shoutouts this week go to: Oreo Cheesequakes from Dairy Queen, Spice 2.0 Doritos and New York Fries

My favourite thing this week was by far the Ribs, I was such a mess eating them that I had BBQ sauce stains on my face that I hope no one noticed at work the next day.


Jabbott said...

You didn't like the raspberry dressing? I thought you did a fab job!

Sara Jean said...

I laughed about the ribs.
Everything looked delic! Come cook for me, I'm to lazy.