Friday, September 30, 2011

Yummy Food Recap - Volume 16

To my loyal readers, I apologize for the long delay in getting this post up.  Summer has slowed my blogging progress.  Here is a special photo-only entry to summarize some of my favorite meals of the summer.

June 11th - We take advantage of the new Domino's on Freshwater Road.

June 12th - This is our take on Chicken Paprika

June 12th - S'MORES! Though we had to do them in the oven, quite delicious!

June 16th - Sweet Potato Goodness - One of our favourite creations.

June 17th - Burgers in Gander with the Abbott's.

June 17th - Carrot Cake

June 18th - Breakfasts in Gander

June 18th - Prime Rib Steaks, Grilled Veg and Potato Biscuit for Boyce's Father's Day!

June 18th - Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich!

June 20th - Oatmeal and fresh berries for breakfast.

June 20th - 2011 - Ranch Salad with Deli Chicken.

June 20th - Pirogi Pizza. I urge you to order the rendition of this at Boston Pizza
though this one was made at home.

June 24th - Pan Fried Breaded Cod

June 24th - A gumball with nerds in it? YUM!

June 25th - Gypsy Tea Room French Toast


July 2nd - Steph's delicious wedding treats.

July 3rd - Steph's post-wedding day breakfast at Waterford Manor.

July 3rd - BERGS! I can't remember the flavours, but I think that this
had at least cherry flavored ice cream in there.

July 4th - Trout compliments of my 14 year old sister.

July 4th - As you can see, they didn't quite make it back onto the plate...

July 5th - Tacos. Sweet, sweet tacos.

July 6th - Turkey round on a picnic!

July 6th - Balderson and Havarti cheeses with mustard - part 2 of picnic!

July 7th - Nachoes!

July 9th - 10 minutes after we ate this, a stranger gave us front row centre
tickets to see Cirque de Soleil! This Stoggers was good luck! AND I
got called up on stage! Best day ever <3

July 9th - After a wicked day at the Circus, we enjoyed
some smoked salmon at home with some good vino.

July 11th - Back in Gander again with Myyyy Corona!
(...yea, lame haha!)

July 11th - Wings and Ribs and Robbie's Taters (made in Gambo!)

July 11th - Bruschetta

July 11th - Chocolate and Cherry Cake for Boyce's Birthday!

July 12th - Cod Cakes and Salad with Rhubarb Relish  at Anchor Inn Motel
in Twillingate - thanks for the hospitality Wilma and Deb! :)

July 12th - What a yummy day for food in Central: Bacon-wrapped
Striploin with grilled veggies and brown rice.

July 18th - Thanks for the lunch! I got taken to Simplicity for my first
day at the new job!

July 23rd - Pan roasted mushrooms with my breakfast - strange but delicious!

July 29th - Lunch Date with Krissy! Simplicity brie, bacon,
chicken, guac wrap = delicious.

July 30th - Josh enjoys a Stella at The Gypsy Tea Room's new outdoor
grill bar: The Courtyard

July 30th - My Burger: Sirloin with Goat Cheese and Tomato Jam

July 30th - Josh's Burger: Sirloin Stuffed with Pulled Pork!
And Sweet Potato Fries.

July 31st - Wicked crepes that my little sister Emily made <3

August 12th - A little dark (heh) - Guiness Chocolate Bar  fresh from
Ireland (thanks Courtney & Kent!) and some, well, Guiness!

August 26th - Alica Fudge's (err, I mean DURNFORD'S) wedding!
I ate so much food - this was the smoked shrimp! I think I ate about
20 bacon wrapped scallops at least haha!

August 26th - this was the amazing wedding cake made
by the bride herself! Note: the fancy design on the cake
matches the decor on the tables :)

August 29th - Probably one of the best leftover lunches I've had at work:
Maple Sage Pork Tenderloin with bacon sauteed brussel sprouts
and mashed sweet potato... Mmm!

August 30th - Food related! Josh and I had some fun buying new
culinary toys at the Paderno warehouse sale!

August 30th - We found a proxy recipe online for the Keg's Crab
Spinach and Parmesan dip - paired with some pita chips and wine

September 1st - A still-cooling and very puffy maple pecan pie. It didn't
stay this puffy for very long (due to it being devoured). Chuck Hughes' recipe.

September 10th - Red Velvet cupcake from Sugar Mama's - Amazing with wine!
Had this at Krista's for some birthday hanging :) Thanks Krista!

September 17th - When my mom asks me to make something for her, I make it.
This was my first ever shot at mini beef wellingtons (G. Ramsay's recipe)

September 18th - Sliders and fries a la Josh! He did good without my help!
The last time we had sliders was around when I first started this blog.

Well, that concludes my lazy, photo-only entry for now. Shoutouts go to Old Dutch Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Apple Cider, Belly Button Candy (again), and Bakeapple Fudge.