Monday, July 12, 2010

Yummy Food Recap - Vol. V

It's time for me to pull my pants back up again and start doing my posts on Mondays, like they ought to be done.  I can't believe I'm up to Vol. V already!  Because it has only been 4 days since my last post, I have a special feature section at the end and will probably deviate from the topic of food a bit to fill the post in a bit.

Here is my "Executive Summary" of this week's tasty eats:

Friday - Spicy Sausage Penne Pasta
Saturday - Chipotle Steakhouse Burger, Jungle Jim's
Sunday - BBQ'd hots & hams (yes, burger two days in a row)
Monday - Steak, Corn and ... Brussel Sprouts?

Because I was lazy in getting the last blog post out, I am only working with four days of meals, starting with Friday, June 9th.  Friday was an intense day, firstly because of the wicked heatwave, and secondly because it started my weekend-long adventure of eating not-so-healthy food.  The power decided to shut off in most of the east end of downtown, which is where the office I work at is located.  So at 11:00am we all decided it was time for some eats on the Sundance Deck.  When I got back to the office I was 1/2 of a giant platter of Nachos heavier and had a throbbing sunburn across my back.  Very yummy though! 

Supper time was nice because I got to relax while Josh took care of making sausage penne pasta <3 God love him.  He stood over a stove with boiling water and fried a sausage in Humidex 30 Degree heat while I sat on my butt on the couch.  He played his fourth show with The Coffee Dates (found on Facebook here and YouTube here) and did a great job!  He also has a fun blog that he does daily called Ten Second Sounds where he writes "Bite-sized portions of music, delivered daily" - Go Josh!

I'm lovin it.  Saturday morning we were both very hungover and tired from being out late after the show.  We also woke up to a 30 Degree bedroom and neither of us were in the mood to cook.  What do you do when you're hungover and tired/lazy?  Get McD's breakfast sandwiches, that's what!  Later that day I went to see my good friend's wedding dress and look at potential bridesmaid dresses which was a blast.  I wound up going out with her, her mom and her sister to Jungle Jim's for supper.  I knew the day was bust already from the McD's so I went with what looked best to me at the moment - the Chipotle Steakhouse Burger.  Josh had it a few months ago and ever since I had been jealous, but no more!  It was actually fantastic.  Thank's Jungle Jim's!

Sunday we had BBQ'd hots and hams, nothin' special really, but they sure were delicious!

Today we weren't really sure what to have with the steaks that we had bought for supper. We knew we had corn on the cob, that was given to us by Sheila when we were in Gander, but we wanted another veggie.  There was a bag of frozen brussel sprouts and they did the trick fried with some butter and lil pork bits.  YUM!  Definitely the most yummy meal of the 4 day post.

The results from the latest poll "What is the Grossest?" didn't surprise me the KFC items (Boxmaster and Double Down) swept the board each with a 40% vote, Louis Gee's Devil Slab earned a fair 20% vote.

So here's my special feature section - Gross KFC Foods!  Nothing tastes more satisfying and leaves your stomach more raped than KFC. 

I remember Josh first told me about the Double Down I thought that he must have heard a rumor, because it was actually on April Fools day.  He said there was a news article that said KFC was coming out with a new sandwich called the Double Down.  It's a piece of fried chicken fillet, topped with cheese, bacon and sauce, topped with ANOTHER piece of fried chicken!  I actually didn't believe him, or the online rumors until I started seeing commercials on television. Wow. It's Real! 

I first discovered the Boxmaster a week ago when the mailman delivered the newest batch of KFC coupons to my house.  I didn't even really notice it until Josh made a horrific noise when he saw the advertisement for it.  A Boxmaster is a chicken patty, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese slice and HASHBROWN all tucked nicely into a tortilla that's toasted with pepper mayo.  Including the hashbrown is just confusing.  It's not even a regular ingredient in their menu, they don't serve breakfast.  This is what one blogger (mentioned in the next paragraph) had to say about this ridiculous creation:

"The product was served in an innovative paper wrapper with a cardboard belt with simple fastening device...Once removed from the packet, the product itself was very dense thus giving it a very weighty feel. The Bacon in fact looked absent upon a cursory visual inspection but was in fact within."

I died laughing when I read that.  If you want more fun reads about this, here is the blog I just quoted "Kentucky Fried Bloggin" - an amazing and funny blog about KFC foods.

That's it really it for this week.  It was short, but I hope also sweet (technically I suppose it was more salty).

I'm going to leave up the poll, now that you have an explanation of the two KFC beasts, so that we can try to break the tie.

Shout-outs go to Cadbury Family Sized bar sale at Shoppers (4 for $5), Moo Moos Waffle cones and Moo Moo's Chocolate Sour Cherry ice cream.


krista said...

Ashley! I dies at you, particularly everything in your special feature section. I had some Moo Moo's Orange Pineapple ice cream recently and it was scrumdiddlyumpious :)

Kim said...

When I first saw the commercials for the Double Down at KFC I was scared. Soo many heart attacks waiting to happen. As for the Box Master when myself and Stefan were in Korea the KFC there had a Big Crunch combo that had a hashbrown on it. That one doesn't freak me out as much anymore, however it was odd the first time we saw it there as well. But apparently it tastes good, so maybe the Box Master will as well.

Ashley said...

Thanks guys!

I, for one, would definitely try a Double Down and/or a Boxmaster, but I am almost afraid.