Monday, June 21, 2010

Yummy Food Recap - Vol. II

Another week has passed and I have another recap of the meals I've had this week.  I found myself paying attention this week to my meals because I knew I would have to write about them tonight.  Here is an Executive Summary of this weeks "delicacies"...

Tuesday - Souvlaki Stirfry *
Wednesday - BBQ Burgers & Sausages
Thursday - Lasagne
Friday - Fish & Chips
Saturday - Roast Dinner *
Sunday - BBQ Hot Dogs
Monday - BBQ Steak *

Okay, so apparently we like to eat red meat a lot, especially on the BBQ.

Three of the meals we had involved meat purchased from Costco (see *'s).  The steaks we had today were great, about 12oz each and cooked to an awesome med-rare.  I have slowly over the past year been eating my steaks rarer and rarer, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Med-rare will probably be the limit for me though, I hear it's not as good for you when it's cooked less.

The hot dogs, lasagne, stirfry and hamburgers are items that don't require further explanation - they are what they are.  Though I would like to elaborate a tiny bit on the sausages... These are not your ordinary Italian sausages.  They are Cheddar Jalapeno smoked sausages and they are probably the most flavourful sausage I've ever had in my life!  When Josh and I first tried them we started to writhe on the couch in bliss, you'd think I was exaggerating until you also took a bite of these spicy, juicy sausage of joy.  Sobey's.  $8.99.  Omg.

On Saturday we decided that we would cook the roast that was sitting in our freezer for the better part of a month.  Before we stuck it in the oven I pretty much crusted it with Keg Steakhouse Seasoning (also a purchase from Costco).  It was a goooood idea!  If you ever get a chance to buy some, you should,... unless you can't eat a lot of salt, then you shouldn't. It's salty but it's delicious on meats, and even on homefries.  We had some Stuff n' Such with the roast, as well as mashed potatoes with green onion, mashed turnip, rosemary seared carrots - it was really yummy.  The carrots were my favorite part of the entire meal (I used a Gordon Ramsay tip!).  Just so everyone is aware, this is not my plate of supper - Josh hates the taste of potato and drowns it in gravy.  I would never abuse potato like this:

Moving back in time to Friday now... I decided that I would take Mom & Dad out for Father's Day, but before the big weekend rush.  The whole day I was psyched because Dad had chosen Sequerra's (not sure on the spelling...) and I was 100% in the mood for an eggroll or four.  When we picked them up after work he had changed his mind!  So for the first time ever I got to "eat in" at Leo's fish and chips.  I've had Leo's lots of times and it's a pretty great fish and chips joint.  We all had a "medium" which ended up being a 2-3 piece fish and chips.  Strange place though... they only accept cash or credit card - no debit!  Wacky.

One meal I didn't mention earlier was the mean breakfasts we had this weekend.  On Saturday we went to Sobey's nice and early because we knew exactly what we wanted for breakfast - french toast!  We wanted to use our leftover ricotta cheese from the lasagne.  Click here to see the recipe we used.  Here's how they turned out...

This one was Josh's.  His only had the egg mixture on the outsides of the bread, so the cheese melted and absorbed into the bread.

As you can see with mine, the cheese is a damn mess, dripping out everywhere and being a pain.  It's because I dipped all sides of my bread in the egg and then put the cheese in the middle.  It couldn't absorb because of the fried egg :( Yummy though!  Josh said mine looked like a moth.  The red stuffs is "Double Fruit" raspberry jam - worth the buy.

On Sunday we made a spontaneous decision to go to Bagel Cafe for breakfast.  I was there once before with my friend Melissa for Momash when she came back for a short visit from overseas.  Momash was our special date day for while she was back from Norway.  The name is a mix of our nicknames "Momo" and "Ash" :)  Anyway, I had a meal called "The Weekender" - typical scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns toast and coffee.  Josh had a Bagel Benedict, featured below:

That is pretty much it for this week.  Some other short food shoutouts go to Sweet Chili and Sour Cream kettle cooked chips and Fruit & Nut bars.

Any suggestions for this week?


Jabbott said...

It was a good week! What's on the menu for tomorrow?!

Courtney said...

this is neat Ashley.

If you're looking to sub out some red meat try the ground turkey at cosco. We sub it in for everything and it makes yumnmy tacos and nachos