Monday, June 14, 2010

Yummy Food Recap - Vol. I

I'm new to blogging, finally pushed over the edge through my new job that focuses on promoting all that is social online media.  I am going to start a weekly blog on Monday nights focusing on my culinary adventures of the previous week.  My hope is that some of you might share some of your food stories with me as well, because I love all that has to do with eating and food (as any of my friends will tell you).

I'm going to start with Friday night, June 11th.  My boyfriend Josh and I were settling in to watch the final disc of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: Return of the King.  We had been watching the trilogy all week long and decided to finish off the series with a bottle of wine and some scallops.  It was our first time really cooking them and we seasoned them with the status quo of salt and freshly cracked black pepper.  Not too shabby! 

Saturday morning we were both pretty pumped to have a greasy breakfast.  Josh nursed his hangover (compliments of Sir Glenfiddich) while he made some bacon and sausage for breakfast sandwiches, and I got to toasting the english muffins.  Alas!  Mould on my muffin (only MY muffin).  Saturday Breakfast = fail.

Saturday night proved to be much more enjoyable as my friend Melissa decided that she wanted to invite myself and a few other close friends for her birthday.  She was cooking for us and by the end of the night I was approximately 4 scallops, 10 mussels, 1/4 of a chicken and 2 1/2 pieces of cake heavier.  Thanks Melissa!

Sunday was different, it was the first time in ages that I've been afraid to cook something.  Crab cakes were on the menu and it was our first time cooking with it.  I followed a recipe of Alton Brown's (if you don't know who he is, he's the guy in the Welsh's Grape Juice commercials!)  Even though I followed the directions it was pretty sloppy looking.  Josh suggested we try cooking one of the sloppy cakes, and seconds into beginning to fry the water in the cake made the cake disintegrate, and the oil splattered up onto my eyebrow.  At this point I promptly squealed and told Josh he would have to cook the rest.  We added panko and an egg to the mix, hoping that it would bind a bit better and it did.  The rest of them came out great and we enjoyed them on top of mixed greens and home fries seasoned with Keg spice, a chipotle mayonnaise aioli and lemon juice - it was delicious.

That all brings us to tonight, Monday's, supper.  We were in the mood for something spicy again (apparently the chipotle's from yesterday weren't quite enough) so we decided on tacos.  But not just any tacos!  Hard-shell tacos morphed with soft-shell tacos - the mighty gordita!  I won't say more about them other than that they were amazing and that three were enough to satisfy my usually unsatisfiable appetite.

A shout-out goes to my mom, Kathleen, for making cold plates earlier this week for us, too.

I think my favorite thing all week was probably the crab cakes, followed in close second by Melissa's amazing feast.  Now I just need to figure out this week's menu :)


Sara Jean said...

love th fact that your doing a food blog now, yumm, can't wait for more food posts!

Melissa said...

aww thanks man, I aim to please! :) I'm just glad you guys enjoyed everything, because it was a truely selfish feast, of things that I made for the sheer fact that I wanted them. haha

Ashley said...

Thanks Ms. Bakker - I can't wait to cook for your housewarming!

And that's fine, Melissa :) it was all very yummy food that everyone ended up really liking!