Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yummy Food Recap - Vol. VIII

It's been some months now since I blogged about my eating habits, and to be completely honest a lot hasn't really been happening.  I've cycled through the same old meals, finding it difficult to come up with new eats to cook and talk about.  I also noticed that I wasn't receiving a lot of participation in the form of comments and voting on the weekly polls, but in retrospect it really was a good amount of interest!  People have been asking me "When are you going to post your next blog?" more and more over the past few months....therefore, THE BLOG IS BACK!

Because it's been such a long time, and because I haven't really been taking the time to record my meals, I'll give a summary of the summers highlights in meals.

The most memorable meal that I haven't blogged about was my meal at a close friends wedding on July 31st at the Geo Centre.  Catered by Red Oak, the meal was delicious and very beautiful.  It was a three-course, salad, fish, cake ensemble.  I have to say I wasn't really taken by the salad as I was distracted with filming some of the speeches that were happening at the time, and let's face it, a salad is a salad!   The choices for the main were between a traditional stuffed chicken breast or white wine poached salmon.  If anyone really knows me and my relationship with food, a cornerstone is that I am always interested in ordering the salmon dish on a menu.  Sometimes this strategy doesn't always work, like the time I ordered the salmon at Rustlers, a western-themed restaurant, but I thought my chances at good salmon were better with a caterer.  It was *so good*.

 Other really nice things I liked at their wedding were the personalized M&Ms and wedding cake:

More on the opposite end of the imagery spectrum.... The second meal highlight of the summer was the time I had my very first meal of Don Cherry's ultimate wings and a blooming onion:


Because Summer was so long ago, this is about all I can recall offhand, and all I have photos of.  But fear not!  My next blog will be all about the meals Josh and I enjoyed on our week-long trip to Montreal this November!

Shoutouts for the entire summer go to endless BBQ's, Beer, and my addiction to sweet potatoes.

Happy eats!


Ashley said...

to put it in perspective, that was about 250ml of ranch in the centre of the onion - we couldn't finish it

Krissy L said...

Wow, I can't believe this past summer was your first Don's Ultimate Experience.....my Mom and I have been enjoying those since as long as I can remember! They are so good hey, nothing tops them, but Terry and I have found a couple restaurants around town that use the same or a similar sauce to Dons. Mmm blooming onion.

If you liked the wedding food, you'll be sure to enjoy The Rooms they use the same catering company, Red Oak, as the wedding. But I'm really glad our wedding food made the top of your summer list!

Glad you're back to blogging!